This Lottery Syndicate Works!

Have a better chance at actually winning the ELottery

Lottery syndicates are the best way of increasing your chances to win.

You can find all kinds of ridiculous information on the internet about how you can predict future lottery numbers or analyse past results. However, the only way to beat them is to buy more tickets.

Buy 2 tickets to double your chances. 50 tickets equal 50 chances of winning.

Simple. However, it is very expensive to purchase 50 or 100 tickets on your own. Too expensive.

That’s why you should join a lottery syndicate.

Instead of paying for everything yourself, you work together and share the costs.

Yes, you need to share the winnings. It is much better to win a smaller part of the jackpot prize than to have all of it.

The good ones will ensure that there is a balance between the number of players and the amount of the jackpot. This will ensure that even if your win is not immediate, you still receive a substantial lump of cash.

It doesn’t make sense to be friends with coworkers or colleagues if they’re not playing the exact game you are interested in!

Or if your group is too small. Or the organiser is not organized enough.

If you have ever been in a group where the manager didn’t buy the tickets the first week, you will know what I mean.

Online syndicates exist because of this.

This is great because it allows you to choose from a variety of additional games.

We concentrate mainly on UK-based gaming here.

What about starting my own organization?

You can do it, but don’t underestimate your workload.

This is something you can try if you’ve done it before. It takes a lot to collect money, buy tickets and deal with the little details.

Then there are the headaches of people leaving and rejoining.

This is the reason I recommend playing in someone else’s group.

So long they are proficient at managing it.

Amateur groups are not as skilled as professional syndicates. They can be amazing, or great for a while, until the motivation runs dry.

I’ve seen many small-scale one-man operations start and close quickly — simply because it was too hard work.

The upside is that the amateur route can be cheaper. ).

This must be weighed against reliability, enthusiasm, being able contact someone if needed, and general feelings of reassurance.

It is not easy to determine which comfort level is best for you.

I am unable to provide detailed syndicate reviews but I can tell you which ones I believe are the best.

You can find the right group by getting involved.

For any questions on a review or other lottery related matters, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by.

The Reviews

Here’s my Top of the Pops ranking of the most popular online lottery syndicates.

It took a lot of work to research these syndicates and compare them, as well as sneaky ‘undercover’ conversations with the owners. Joining and playing with the best ones is a great idea (if they are obviously rubbish, I don’t join them). ).




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